digging deep with all hands

I'se the Buy:

Every donation - whatever the size - will be helpful and fully appreciated!

Here are a few fun ways to imagine helping the HMP Garden Project "Dig Deep"

Click on a dollar amount below to take you to the donation page:

• buy a greenhouse door:
$500 (we'll need 2 doors - you can buy one or two!)

• buy a board for the greenhouse walls:
$10 (we need lots of these)

buy a hinge for a door: $25 (one set is already purchased but you can buy the other set)

• buy a package of roofing foam: $15

• buy a raised bed full of healthy soil: $1000 (we hope to have at least 3)

consider being a major sponsor with your organisation or group:
we're about half way to our goal - help us complete this project!

• buy a sheet of polycarbonate roofing:

• buy a litre of stain: $80

• buy a cedar board:
$100 (we need lots of these)

• buy a rain barrel: $200

or make a general donation in any amount

Matching gifts, legacy giving and mail-in cheques are also options that will help support our long-term sustainability. 
Click here to ask for information on how to do this.

Donations are made through the John Howard Society-NL
Canada Helps, and will be honoured with a receipt for income purposes.